Devotional: Songs for the Suffering

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In this 6-week study, readers will journey through the scary emotions that come with profound suffering, even the ones we don’t want to admit. This study will give women a safe place to land when they find themselves questioning the reality of God in the midst of their pain, and offer up real hope when “everything happens for a reason” just doesn’t cut it. While Scripture may feel like the last place you want to bring your pain, Songs for the Suffering will show us just how much of a home the Word is for those in darkness.

Each week includes guided questions, further Scripture reading, application points and moments of reflection to delve into the heart of suffering, ask the hard questions, and lean into the Man of Sorrows himself, knowing he is already acquainted with our grief.

Written by Julia Allspaw

Format: Hardcover (cloth over board)
Page Count: 190
Size: 6.25 in x 7.25 in x .9375 in


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