The Back Porch Mercantile stocks the full line of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan including her Soft Wax, brushes, fabric and other sundries. A curated collection of home and gift items, including exclusive products and regional arts. Workshops are ongoing!

Chalk Paint® is Annie Sloan paint. Annie Sloan developed her now famous decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, in 1990. Back then, there was no paint available with the properties Annie was looking for, so she decided to develop her own. She came to choose the name Chalk Paint® because it was suggestive of its very matte almost chalky finish.

Chalk Paint® is different. It is not simply paint with chalk added to it. It is not chalkboard paint. It is not made by adding plaster of Paris or grout or even baking soda to an existing paint. Chalk Paint® is the unique decorative paint Annie Sloan developed for furniture, floors and walls, drawing on a lifetime of research and experience in working with paint and color. Chalk Paint® adheres to most surfaces and creates gorgeous results quickly and easily. Use it for a textured finish, a distressed finish, a smooth contemporary finish or even as a wash.

Chalk Paint® is a non-toxic, water-based paint that is lead-free, EG-free, odor-free and has very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There is only one Chalk Paint®, but it offers endless possibilities.

Annie Sloan Stockist

The Back Porch Mercantile is the Knoxville area’s exclusive stockist of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan. We specialize in providing expert advice and certified workshops!


Want to learn more about the BEST paint in the world? Come take a workshop with us! Workshops are held monthly and are taught by certified Annie Sloan stockists that have been teaching since 2011.

Our workshops are offered in a variety of levels ranging from Beginner to Advanced. Come learn several beautiful painting techniques and become familiar with how to prep, paint, wax and care for your furniture.

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